Have a Listen to the Sound...

While nothing is going to beat sitting in front of the speakers while these amps are used - the MP3s are the easiest way to give you some indication of the sound. We can supply a CD of all the tracks we recorded. If you are interested send as an email via the "order" page.

We recommend using Media Player as some other programs cause an annoying digital distortion. Contact us if you want more info.

( If you want to download the MP3 files, right click on the coloured bits and choose "Save Link/Target as" )

APR501/502 Channel A - Strat (885kb)

APR501/502 Channel A - Les Paul (491kb)

APR501 Channel B - Strat (688kb)

APR501 Channel B - Les Paul (819kb)

APR501 Channel B/boost - Strat 1 (688kb)

APR501 Channel B/boost - Strat 2 (950kb)

APR501 Channel B/boost - Les Paul (508kb)

APR502 Channel B - Strat (540kb)

APR502 Channel B - Les Paul (704kb)

APR502 Channel B/boost - Strat (2.6Mb)....Too good to crop!

APR502 Channel B/boost - Les Paul(635kb)

Channel Blending - APR502 Channel A+B/boost - Les Paul (827kb)

APR502 Channel B/boost - Les Paul and stomp box (1.47Mb)....Brenton dragged out his "Real Tube" pedal for a bit of super-saturation!

JFR25 - Grubisa Merlin (1.7Mb)....Dave switches the JFR to "Boost" mode at 36 secs. All other tone changes are done with the Merlin. For more info on Grubisa Guitars go to our Links page

DPR1502 SLEDGEHAMMER (1.8Mb)....A cut from one the tracks from Bob Sledge's EP "Motor Skills" - some lovely homegrown Stoner stuff!. For more info on Bob see our Links page

Tracks recorded using quads loaded with Celestion Greenbacks or G12T75s. SM57 up real close and an old AKG about 12' away...all in the sandstone room downstairs with a bit of carpet here and there. Recorded straight into "baby" Pro-tools, no effects and no mastering. All tracks copyright.

Love and eternal gratitude to Dave ("I need some sleep") Leslie and Brenton ("I want this amp!") Dehn

To contact Brenton please email us. To contact Dave go to the Atomica Website.