PRICING as at 6/04/08 and in Australian Dollars (not including GST)

APR501, 501C(custom), 501VR, 502 and variants = From $2995

APR500 Series Chassis assembly (no cabinet) = From $2495 (ex-works only)

JFR25 25 Watt Combo from $3300 (including your choice of 12" speaker)

JFR50 50 Watt Combo from $3400 (plus your choice of 2x12, 1x15 or 2x10 speakers)

DPR1501 and 1502 (150 watt Sledgehammers) $3995

Note : All our amps come with a conditional Lifetime Warranty on workmanship, 5 years on labour and 10 years warranty on most parts

As all amplifiers are individually constructed, other custom amps built to your requirements may be possible!

Specials -
We occasionally have amps which, due to slight cabinet/chassis/control panel imperfections, are available at reduced prices. Contact us for details.

Call us, or go to the "contact" page.


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